Thursday, 28 January 2010

No surprises here

Well, here's an interesting article from the BBC.

The doctor who started the MMR scare acted unethically.

Yes. That, and he somehow forgot how to conduct a trial, making him unethical and also shit at science.

Paying kids a fiver for a blood sample taken at his son's birthday party? No wonder people believe him when he says MMR vaccines cause autism. He's clearly a really trustworthy dude.


  1. And we'll never get the cat back IN the bag now. Wanker.

  2. He shouldn't be allowed to practice as far as I'm concerned. If he's this careless about research and willing to do procedures on kids at birthday parties, there is no way I would want him treating me.

    And The Lancet should be ashamed of themselves for ever publishing his paper.

  3. Agreed. It's scary to think about the number of people who have DIED because of the ill-founded vaccine flailing. Ugh.