Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Liberal Agenda

09:00 Giant pansexual orgy. May or may not include teenagers.

10:00 Abortion

11:00 Sacrifice dead foetus to Satan

12:00 Eat the foetus

13:00 Quiet time for foetus digestion and contemplation. Reading The God Delusion, the Guardian or any other evil liberal gaytheist feminazi tract of doom.

14:00 Lecture- Communism and How to Infiltrate the Christian Nation that is the United States of America with the Red Menace

15:00 Gay wedding

16:00 Science time! Today's topics- cosmology, evolutionary biology and climate change. Today's practical- convince yourself that these are all true so you can brainwash the children of decent God-fearing folk.

17:00 Change into goth clothes

18:00 Travel to metal concert of your choice. Mosh. Stomp on small children. Worship Satan. Again.

00:00 Midnight Mass. Get naked and dance around a bonfire chanting about Karl Marx and the NHS


  1. Now that's just silly. An hour isn't long enough for an orgy, especially if you have to leave early to get to the abortion on time. Perhaps the orgy should start at 0800 instead.

  2. You sound like you know how to really enjoy yourself, but 6 hours for a metal concert... does that include the time it takes to smuggle all the immigrants through security?

  3. I would like to add pissing on the founding fathers graves to the agenda.