Friday, 19 March 2010

Science. It works, bitches.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for arguing on the internet.

I am currently getting back into things outside of being angry on the internet, which is why I haven't been blogging for the last six weeks. Sorry. I've been knitting and watching House, for the most part. And I've watched Inglourious Basterds and Watchmen, so that took up about a week. I mean really, it's about time somebody made a good film that doesn't take so long that you're going grey by the end.

I've been listening to Lady Gaga too, but I won't blog about her because enough people are doing that already. Actually analysing her poker face.


There's been some science journalism! Actual writing about science that isn't ZOMG EVILUTION or CLIMATE CHANGE IS LIES or RICHARD DAWKINS IS A MEAN PERSON BAWWW. To be fair, it's basically the good old Graun letting their Comment is Free people rage about how life isn't fair. Makes sense, given the Guardian's central dogma: Gosh, we should try and make things fair, those people over there aren't so fortunate, poor dears *wibble*

So. Not a lot of actual science, but lots of wonderful debate (well, internet arguments) about how science is marginalised, girls are discouraged and people just plain get it wrong. I would advise against reading the comment threads if you're easily annoyed, because for some reason people migrate over from the Mail just to go "You're all a bunch of Commies who want to destroy family values and make baby Jesus cry, good day to you."

Sharing time!

First: An article that pisses me off. Apparently Ann Coulter, that complete fucking maniac from America, has convincing arguments against natural selection. Right, and Sarah Palin has just come up with a way to make abstinence-only sex ed work for every teenager.

And here's the response.

A little bit about science and politics. This one is about a week old, sorry.

An article that caused a big old fight in the comments about whether engineers are sexist (probably depends on the individual engineer), whether girls are genuinely less able to do science (doubtful, although there's a case for ladygeeks being a little rarer than dudegeeks) and autism (just shut the fuck up and read a book already).

And lastly...

SCIENCE IS AWESOME YOU GUYS and we should appreciate it more because it's not very well loved right now. Biology, chemistry and physics are all sat in the corner with their funny-shaped dice being all uncool. Maths is there too. Poor maths.


A special bonus round from the BBC which many of you will have seen already.

Thanks, powers that be, for deciding that higher education isn't important after all. Research? Pfft.


That's right, take jobs from a useful department. I mean, it's not like Reading is in the middle of the UK's equivalent of the Silicone Valley or anything. Hey, do you guys remember that one time they closed the Physics department because it was totally expensive and nerdly? Who cares about research grants? We can totally save more money by just making all the expensive students piss off somewhere else. I don't know who the fuck does the admin for UoR but they need a right good kicking.

Have a good weekend everybody, try not to get quite as rage-filled and bitter as I am ;)

Normal service should resume soon, when I have a bit less to talk about all at once and can give 100% to one thing at a time.