Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Just a quick post to say...

Hello! I am still alive! Doctor Who, True Blood and the Dresden Files novels have kept me distracted and not blogging. Sorry about that. Normal service will resume shortly, possibly accompanied by photos of me dressed as a Time Lady.

Topics I hope to cover when I get my lazy arse back into gear:
- The Guardian's coverage of science and the hilarious response to some of the shitty articles
- What I actually do for a living, in an attempt to explain why science is important to everyday life when it's done right
- Women in fandom and other geeky spaces. I'd like to talk to a few people for this one, so if anybody out there can handle sitting in a room/talking online with me while I ask stupid questions about sexism amongst nerds, let me know! Also I stole the idea from like a million other people, but I'm all enthusiastic about it so... yeah.

Anyway. I still have a ton of fiction about centuries-old dudes with nice hair to get through, so I will be back soon.

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