Saturday, 3 October 2009

I has moar stuffs!

So I added an extra little thing at the side there *points to the right* so you can read some of the things I read, if you're the sort to follow links endlessly and get all angry (which you probably are if you read this blog).

I dare say I'll add to it at some point. Most of the links are to blogs that do what I do, only better- Bad Science, Pharyngula, Feministe etc are examples of proper grown-ups doing proper jobs who somehow find time to write very well about important things. Pharyngula also has Cthulhu. There's some humour in there too. If you like inappropriate use of meme and laughing at people who insist that they didn't come from no monkies, Yahoo Answers has a marvellous (and immensely irritating) religion section. I go there to vent and make Star Wars jokes, which has somehow earned me OVER NINE THOUSAND points and a shiny orange badge.

I would have put things like the BBC there, but if you can't find the BBC website on your own you're the type of moron I spend all my time complaining about.

Go forth and click!

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